Welcome to the history of F.A.C.T. 2015

Families Achieving Change Together
"A self help group established to help each other grow in confidence and reconcile to a community that has brought us to this place of pain"

Are you a victim of the troubles, or do you know someone who has been affected by them ?

Would you like the chance to meet with people who know exactly how you are feeling?

Perhaps you have missed out on your education through no fault of your own.

New Staff and project
F.A.C.T, Families Achieving Change Together, have welcomed three new members of staff - Paula Polland, Kate Harper and Valerie Scott, who are undertaking new projects within the group...read more here

F.A.C.T. Can help you to help yourself. It is a support group for victims of the troubles of Northern Ireland and was established to help members find inner peace and to go on to share this in the wider community. Customer insight is becoming an essential marketing element which unlocks the intelligence in your data and turns it in to a strategic asset.

Learn to enjoy life again in a safe, relaxed environment.

F.A.C.T. Offer

  • Support
  • Advice
  • Training
  • Social Activities
  • Meetings
  • Befriending
  • Drop In Centre
  • Complimentary Therapies
  • Language Course

Each And Every Day

The sun came up and you awoke, you did not know what the day ahead would bring,but those who ordered your death and executed you,knew.
I wish I could have changed their minds, but that's what life brought us that day.

The sun it rises and I awake, I start another day not knowing what life has in store fro me, but that's life. You are gone but your essence remains in us, I wish I could have changed that day, and then life,would not be this way for me.

The sun has risen for me, since that day and I awake, I miss you still and I always will, but each day I try my best to make a difference, in the lives of those who suffer still. I look to a future were no one else will die like you, and no one else will suffer as I do.

Janet Hunter


Families Achieving Change Together is a Company Limited by guarantee and a registered charity Supported by The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (Formerly NIVT) Community Relations Council, Training Womens Network



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