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Famililies -Victims/Survivers Appeal

Families Achieving Change Together work with Victims/Survivers of terrorists violence. we are a mixed denomination group, who have been victims of both loylist and nationialist terrorists.

The European.Union. Peace 2 Programme pay's for all our Training and Education for the members and Nova from Dr Barnardo's provide counselling support for our charity. Iit is great to have this support which runs to August 2014.

We need financial support to run the charity from August 2014 are programme then changes from mostly training and education to: family fun days away, a men,s group which starts at age 15 to ? and the same for the ladies and children's art programme. Health education Programme.

We would like to include all members of the families, not just the next of kin as other organizations offer. For example a wife lost her husband so she is entitled to help, but the children are only given help if they live at home.

Our aim is to break the mould of fear and give the families a break from the stress and strain of living in Northern Ireland.

To turn their fear and hurt in to a constructive way forward, can you give to help this great cause?

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